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Buy to Let

Thinking of buying a property to let? Well, that is a great idea as buy to let properties are now offering decent passive income to landlords and also capital appreciation over the long term. While property prices have been flat, in and across the country recently, rental yields on the other hand, have been on the rise.

If you have made the decision to take the plunge into the buy to let property market, then you should know that the key to making your investment venture work is finding the best mortgage deal first. This is vital so that you can maximize your ROIs while keeping your payments on mortgage to a minimum.

Whether it’s arranging your first or your tenth buy to let mortgage, you are most likely to face similar hurdles such as: lenders will

charge one to two percentage points more on buy to let mortgage as compared to standard home loan, etc. Besides this, there may be restrictions on the types of property they will lend against and the age of the home may also be an issue.

Finding a lender that offers mortgage on terms that suits you the best can be difficult and challenging but not when you work with us! At Ragarfield Limited, we can provide you with independent advice on buy to let mortgage loan. Additionally, our team can work with you cohesively and search the right buy to let mortgage according to your needs.

Client Focused Work Approach

At Ragarfield Limited, our work approach is client focused. Our team works with sheer commitment to help every client find the best mortgage deal that suits their budget, needs and requirements. Over the years, we have established a wide network of mortgage lenders. This allows us to help you find the right lender that matches your buy to let mortgage needs.

Our client focused approach, professionalism and strong commitment towards customers has earned us the trust and respect of our clients. We, at Ragarfield Limited, are willing to go the extra mile to help our clients find the best deal for buy to let mortgage.

Leading Buy to Let Mortgage Broker

Our quality and efficient services have made us the go to mortgage broker in Kent for buy to let mortgage advice and services. If you’re looking for buy to let mortgage advice or assistance in finding the right deal, then get in touch with us today! We can help you navigate through the choices and find the best buy to let mortgage deals in the market.

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