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Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Planning To Travel? First Pack Your Travel Insurance

Travelling can be an exciting experience. But if you fall sick, loose your baggage, money or meet with an accident, the result is a disaster. While you can't do much about the inconvenience, the least you can do is protect yourself from a financial loss by buying a travel cover

You are on a holiday in the US and you are robbed of all your money, credit cards and travellers' cheques. The result? You don't even want to think about it. Or, say, you fall sick. Within 24 hours you could have run up a huge medical bill and a correspondingly huge hole in your pocket.

While travelling, you could face a lot of risks like trip cancellation, loss of baggage, loss of money or valuables, accidents, terrorist attacks, natural calamities and occasionally, even death.

Here's giving you a peek into the world of travel insurance

Types of travel insurance

Travel insurance is sold in the form of individual or group policies. You can use the latter to buy a joint policy if you are travelling with other family members. Most travel insurance policies have standardised features from which you can choose between the fixed amounts of cover offered, broad travel destinations, trip durations, etc. and you will be informed about the premium payable. However, if you would like a broader insurance cover, such as cover for accidents while taking part in adventure sports like skiing, sky diving, etc., or if you have an abnormal medical condition or an unusual expensive bit of equipment that you wish to have insured against theft while travelling, then you will probably have to purchase an upgraded version of the basic policy.

We can arrange almost all types of Travel Insurance for you and your family or business including the following:

  • Annual Multi-Trip, Single Trip and Gap-Year Options
  • £10,000,000 Medical Expenses Cover
  • Business Cover Option
  • Winter Sports
  • Non-standard quotes available within minutes, for most pre-existing medical conditions, Gap-Year and over-age travellers (up to 74 years old for Annual and 79 for Single Trip, and up to 85 year olds upon referral).
What You Should Consider When Buying Travel Insurance

To assist you in your research, here are some suggestions to help you make an informed purchase.

Make sure the policy you are considering provides adequate medical/dental coverage. Check your existing insurance policies for possible coverage. There is no sense in paying more for what you already have in your homeowner or tenant policy, such as theft and loss coverage.

If you are a frequent traveller, you should consider annual or all-year-round travel insurance policies. Sometimes these are called multi-trip travel insurance policies. Whatever be the name, these policies are likely to be relatively cheaper than a series of single-trip travel insurance policies.

Take the effort to know what you are buying; read the fine print. For instance, make sure that you understand what the company considers as legitimate reasons for cancellation or interruption. If the list is too restrictive, maybe you should consider another insurer.

Don't restrict yourself to buying insurance only from your travel agent. He/She will probably only have one company's product(s) available leaving you with no choices.

Ask lots of questions about the coverage. Ask for clear explanations of terminology.

End note There are a variety of travel insurance plans available and choosing the right plan can be confusing. Becoming familiar with the basic types of plans on offer and some specialized terms will make it easier for you to compare plans and ultimately choose the right plan for your needs. Travel insurance coverage is a must for every traveller as it takes care of unforeseen factors that might play spoilsport to your travelling plans.

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